Continuous Operational Excellence Is the Key to Sustainability

Sustainability is about preserving ecological systems to help alleviate social, educational, health, and employment challenges. Small businesses generate a large portion of the US economy and workforce, making their participation crucial for a sustainable future. Despite lack of academic research and political push, small businesses can still do their part in protecting finite resources and supporting the health of the ecological system, humans, and the economy.

How to Fight High Attrition and Low
Engagement in the Labor Force

Challenges are often observed in industries like retail, food service, and transportation. The constant need for hiring new employees can hinder business success. From a broader perspective, this problem has various negative consequences.

Thematic Review of Literature on Sustainability and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

This study identifies recurring themes in literature on sustainability and small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) through qualitative analysis. Key findings include a focus on generic rather than targeted studies, under-researched sustainability frameworks for SMEs compared to large firms, and a need to examine SMEs in the service sector more closely. The paper suggests areas for future research.

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How can small businesses be more sustainable?​

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Recent Trends of Quantitative Approaches in Different Sectors: A Concise Review

Understand the ways to be more innovative


Business Trends in Digital Era: A Review

Digitalization enables businesses to realize creative potential, generate employment opportunities, and improve management accounting while driving innovation and competitiveness.